Sunday, September 18

Tent math..

We get a lot of comments on the size of our tent..
My tent math:
Add 2 adults and 2 dogs, multiply Michael's height of 74 inches and the amount of days we'll be trapped in the tent because of rain, divide by the hours of whining I'll do if I can't fit a queen size air mattress..and you get a 7-8 person tent.  With a screen room attached. ;)
We have slept in tents meant for 2 people.  Not only no, but hell no.
We were squashed and annoyed.
Camping should be enjoyable.  Even if it's 36 degrees and windy as hell.
This is why I packed flannel sheets, the double sleeping bag and a down comforter.

Guess who forgot her shiny new filter?

 Voodoo, cracked out bird dog, did SO WELL with the terrifying carp and All The Birds.

"Hey, let's walk down and see the gulls!" I said.  Foolishly.

 ...and then I said "RUN!".
The gulls were not playing around- "Bread, or die!".
Feeding gulls is not fun for me.  I don't enjoy feeding birds that happily rip off your fingers.
Even the carp didn't mess with them.

My mom didn't see Pig the whole time we were gone.
As we pulled in the lane yesterday, I spotted an angry lump sitting at the bottom of the front steps.

Fearing she would go all seagull on our asses, I tossed a carob brownie her way and we ran for the house.