Wednesday, September 14

Packing up

for the camping trip.
I am always astounded at the amount of stuff you haul into the woods.
"We're getting away from it simply for a few days!" you say, as you stuff everything you own into duffle bags.
Spare bulb for the refrigerator?  Might need one!
Remote control belonging to a tv that broke in 1993?  You might need that.
If you think I'm kidding, look up camping checklists online.
I thought I was bad.

The weather looks great..40 at night and low 60s during the day.  With any luck, our campsite will be on the lake.  If not, there are some gorgeous sites deep in the big woods.
Win, either way!

My fierce protector from Freakass Neighbors.

228 combined pounds of Got Your Back.
You have to appreciate good dogs :)
 I don't have good dogs.  My dogs have been barking for 3 days.  Neighbor (nice one) is getting a new roof and my hell hounds don't approve of the noises.  They spent most of yesterday watching the woods for invading Roofers.

Pig only cared about leftover watermelon.
Which, of course, she carried out of the field to eat in the front yard.