Friday, April 8


6 am phone call.  Michael answers:
Man on phone: Hey Michael, tell my sugar I've got some manure for her.
Michael: Uh.  Wait. What?
Man: I've got manure for my girl...where does she want it?
Michael: Uh..wait.  Who IS this?
  I hear hysterical laughter from the phone.
Michael says,"There's a strange man calling you sugar and offering you poop and where do you want it?".  Michael looks baffled and slightly concerned.
  More psychotic laughter from phone.
I take the phone and inform my uncle that it's unkind to confuse Michael before he's had caffeine.
Uncle J can't stop snickering.  He got a new cell number and intentionally called from that number hoping to get Michael. You would think after 16 years my uncles would get tired of teasing Michael.  Not so.

The good news- I've got truckloads of last years composted manure/grass clippings/kitchen waste coming.  Hello, free compost!

I'm ready to pass out from joy...
We've got Penguins tickets- first 2 playoff home games! JOY!!!
This is even better news than free compost!
It's rainy and gloomy again.  I'll clean house instead of doing yard work.
Michael won't get in until midnight, so horror movies and knitting for me this evening.  I've got 2 baby shower gifts to finish by Sunday.