Thursday, April 7

It's final..

The veg list for 2011.  I say it's final now..but when the local greenhouse opens, the two sisters who run it will see me and cry "Oh, we've been waiting for you to see this!".  I'll be suckered in.
But, I'm their Guinea Pig.
It's a public service, really.

Tomatoes: Akers WV, Hillbilly, Golden Egg, San Marzano, Yellow Gooseberry and Blondkopchen.
I swore only a few tomatoes.  I don't know what happened.  My recessed window is filled with seedlings. My traitor aunts are now saying they only want 1 or 2 plants.
Yellow and green zucchini.  The site where I get most of my seed mentions the yellow isn't as prolific as the green.  All I have to say about this is...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  It's my intention to end up with two yellow plants, even if that means dropping plants off at strangers houses in the middle of the night.  Maybe then we can eat all of it (and I can stop flinging zukes at anyone that visits).
Peas: English-Laxton's Progress, Snap- Sugar Daddy.  "Needs minimum support" says the site.  I had to provide  4 horizontal strands of heavy clothesline to keep these suckers upright. Produces a TON.
Beans: Kentucky Wonder Bush.  Mexican Bean Beetles..this year it is ON.  I dare you.
Beets: Bull's Blood.  LOVED this beet last year.
Carrots: Gold Pak and Little Finger
Parsnips: Hollow Crown.  Parsnips are new to me this year, so cross your fingers.
Cabbage: Cabbage Babies Triplet  Hybrid, I know.  I'm ok with a few here and there.
Eggplant: Fairy Tale. Perfect size for us. Plus, they were gorgeous and produced like champs in pots.
We'll grab Bell peppers and hot peppers from the greenhouse. Joy! I don't need to make room for seed flats!
We have a salad bed and a bed for whatever greens...collards, chard, etc.
I don't bother planting corn, when the greenhouse has the MOST amazing corn I've ever eaten.  I'm drooling over it now.
Fruits: we have established strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and peaches.
The last few days have been crazy busy.  I only picked up my camera long enough to snag a shot of dinner yesterday.  It's not even a pretty food shot..I was too hungry to care!  A friend asked me to get a pic for her, so I'm sharing here, too.
 I love *artisan* breads.  No matter how mutant or lumpy the bread turns out, you just say "oh it's artisan whatever" and people forgive your warty bread. 
 I finally got the white wine/lemon cream sauce exactly where we like it.  Grill some shrimp and saute some mushrooms..easy and really good.  I didn't bother taking a photo of our salads.  Not exactly exciting. ;)