Tuesday, April 5

Hounds ears..and Prozac?

I am craving fried cabbage and hounds ears. Hang on before you call the ASPCA.
My Gram used to make hounds ear noodles (I've heard them called hounds ear dumplings, too).  Rectangular  noodles usually cooked with a stewed chicken.  My Gram would cook the noodles in broth and toss them into a big pan of fried cabbage.
It is not diet food.
Most of my friends have never eaten fried cabbage. This floors me!
To be fair, the idea of boiled cabbage scares the hell out of me.  I can't bring myself to try it.
Fried cabbage (done right) is tender, sweet and buttery.  If you burn it- throw the whole thing out.
Gram went really light on the bacon, so that's how I cook mine.  Michael would prefer a pan of bacon with some cabbage sprinkled on it.  I don't use much onion, either.
A few years ago, we were having dinner with friends and some new people..talking about the foods we grew up on.  My mention of hounds ears was met with "Wow, that sounds incredibly white trash".
Damn straight.

Pass the Prozac:
WV is the saddest state
Fine.  We're sad...but we aren't whining about it.
  Imagine a bunch of steel workers or miners talking about their sad feelings.  No?  I can't either.
They just keep on doing their thing.
 I went through a brief period of shame as a teenager about being from WV...but now?  I grew up and found out who I was..I'm proud to be from West Virginia.
Yes, a lot of us are redneck, backwoods, white trash, hillbilly...
 When trouble hits, that's exactly the kind of person I want at my back.
Well.  Maybe not these people.

Quick WV Trivia because people always make this reference to me:
Freaking Deliverance was not set in WV.  It was set in Georgia.
 Not WV.