Monday, April 4

61! and trail dogs

It's 61 degrees! Before 7:30am!  *faint*
Granted, we're supposed to have severe storms later, and snow/rain showers tomorrow..but I'll take this weather gift!

We hiked yesterday, but didn't take the camera.  I was worried about the rain.
Trails are completely wrecked. Lots of slides and downed trees.  It took us twice as long as normal to walk our favorite shorter trail.
I'm glad we trained the dogs to trail hiking/running.  A few unusual commands make our trail hiking SO much easier and safer.
Irie was kind of a flake at first..took her a half mile or so to settle into a serious rhythm.  Voodoo, as always, rocked it.  As soon as that backpack goes on, he's ready to roll- stays on the trail, no sniffing and weaving (Irie!) .
I would be FINE with him having a mental health hike and sniffing around more often, but that bird dog focus...he's Intense.  I did have to laugh at him..again...he threw a point on a COW.  From the back of a moving car.  Seriously,'re a weirdo.

A few random shots from yesterday.  Nothing was so gloomy!

Storm that produced hail and lightning, but no rain.