Friday, April 1

Friday wallow

Trying to keep forward motion through this grey weather...I'd rather stay on the couch with a book.  We've had brief moments of sun.  I fly outside at every opportunity.  The dogs don't allow much wallowing in misery.  Well, I can wallow- I just better be walking them or throwing the ball or something while I wallow!

"Groundhog, why aren't you coming out??"

Chickadee taking in a bit of watery sun

The ONE mammal in the house not affected by crappy weather

"You're an ass if you don't move us to Florida."

Desperation Face...praying the car coming down the road is His Michael

I received 2 birdhouses from a friend.  I'll brave the sleety snowy whatever tomorrow and hang them.
The squash and zucchini seedlings are enormous.  Once again, we won't be lacking on squash this summer.  I can't kill it if I try.
Tomato seedlings look great..tiny, but sturdy and healthy