Saturday, November 20

Insane Argument

Michael: Where are the trash bags?
Me: Under the sink.  We've stored them in that spot for several years.
Michael: Well, they aren't there.  Did you move them?
Me:  No.  I didn't move them. We must be out.
Michael: How can we be out, we just bought them last month!
Me: We're dirty people.  We make tons of trash.  We're filling WV's landfills singlehandedly!
Michael: I'm serious.  How did we use so many?
Me:  I'm busted.  I confess.  I'm selling them for painkillers and meth.  My secret is out.
Michael: You don't take anything seriously. *stomps out of the room*

Moments later...

Michael: Did we just argue about trash bags??
Me: Yes, yes we did.
Michael: We are insane.
Me:  Yep!

...and then we watched tv.

This is why couples always look CRAZY to single people.