Sunday, November 21


I'm on the final countdown for the Thanksgiving menu...tomorrow we're shopping.  The bird is ordered and will be picked up at the butcher's on Tuesday.
I still can't decide what to make for dessert.
I've stopped asking Michael, as he just yells "PIE!".  That is as specific as he gets.
I was thinking chocolate truffle tarts w/fresh raspberries.
I make them tiny because they are so insanely rich- perfect size to have with a cup of coffee.

I have an appointment with my surgeon on Tues.  I am having gall bladder-type symptoms.  This is slightly confusing since I don't freaking have one (it was hacked out 2 days before Thanksgiving last year!)
Regular doc told me to call the surgeon, surgeon wants me to come in on Tuesday because the gastroenterologist is there at the same time.  
Gall bladder is a terrible, terrible name.  It sounds so damned..blah!
Am I being haunted by the ghost of gall bladder past?!

I swear on all that is holy, I will NOT be denied another Thanksgiving dinner. 2 years ago, oral surgery right before Thanksgiving.  I ate pudding and mashed potatoes.
Last year I ate plain mashed potatoes and deli turkey slices.
I am an Eater.  And a cook.
I will not be denied.  I've already threatened my surgeon! :)

I hate this blog template, but I can't decide what I want. 

We're supposed to hike with the dogs later today..I'll have pics to add.

End blather.