Friday, April 2

Friday- and Henry is crazy

  That is on my front porch.  Temp today is 84 or so, but my house is located on the face of the freaking sun.  The probe temp is 120 degrees.  The probe was placed next to Henry and the thermometer was on the deck box until I took the pic.  Weird, weird little dog.

After I kicked Michael out the door this morning, I did my normal AM Tidy Routine.
Make the bed, stack the dog beds out of the way (4 dogs= lots of dog beds in tiny bedroom), locate the remotes- because god forbid Michael ever put them away in the nightstand right freaking there..anyway... *cough*

I started looking around the room..that Project feeling welling up in my paint? New.. something?
I sent a text to Michael.

Me: what do you think about painting the bedroom this weekend? how do you feel about a soft green?
Michael:  how do you feel about divorce?

Point taken!

A message board I frequent has a Foto Friday thread.
My pics this week: