Tuesday, June 10

Shakeology and Beachbody musings

I've been reading a lot of fitness forums, with people slamming Shakeology and other Beachbody programs. Which, of course, is the way of the Internet.
I'm fine with that.
What I don't get it this statement:
They are fine if you have no discipline, and can't control your eating on your own.
Um. Why the hell do you think we need to lose weight in the first place?

Most of us that need to drop weight, well, we need to do so because of food choices.
Most of us don't have a medical reason. And that is fine. Really. Yep. It is.
(owning up to my french fry addiction, here)
Completely and totally owning up.
I have no discipline with certain foods.
Like.. Edible ones. ;)

I do not experience joy eating steamed broccoli. I experience joy eating perfect french fries. So there.
I need a hand with revamping my eating.
Not a damned thing wrong with that!
Shakeology and Beachbody are helping me. If Weight Watchers helps you, DO IT! If you can rock this on your own, DO IT!
I need the visual help of 21 day fix. I need the boost from Shakeology so I don't eat the kitchen. Or Michael.
(Beachbody needs to come out with a cute Hannibal bite shield for me).
Do what works for you, without making judgy statements about what works for the rest of us.