Saturday, June 7

I am a convert.

For several years, I've scoffed at Shakeology. Rolled my eyes. Made remarks about glorified Slimfast.
Well. I was wrong.
Straight up WRONG.
I went into this experiment determined to pick it apart. Convinced I could prove how easy it would be to take the vitamins and supplements on my own, and control my Godzilla-like snacking habits just fine, thanks.
I am on day 6 of Shakeology.
4.2 lbs down.
Now. This is not from some scary laxative effect, FYI with a side of TMI.
This is simply because I'm not raiding the kitchen like a rabid bear..every single evening. My snacky evening habit is almost GONE.
I don't crave soda, so those calories are removed from my life.
Soda now tastes fake and far too sweet.
Ice water with fruit for me.
Last night I had a crazy chocolate craving, so I had a choc shake mixed with water. 160 calories, baby. Lots of ice blended in, and it was actually thick and TASTY enough I felt like I was getting a treat.

I drank a shake yesterday AM, and then did a Code Red boot camp.
Then, I realized I had to cut grass. I'm easily distracted and forgot the hayfield that was my front yard. Don't judge.
You know my yard is Not Small (2 hilly acres), and we have a push mower.
According to, I scorched 1300+ calories yesterday. I should have been DOA when Michael got home. I was, dare I say it, ready to chat and work in the garden. Downright perky. So maybe there are scary secret drugs in the shakes! ;)

The Greenberry flavor is..weird.
Not awful, but I am not replacing my chocolate/strawberry/vanilla any time soon.
The color is off-putting for me, and tossing in a handful of blueberries did NOT improve the color. At all. *shudder*

This stuff is not going to help with weight loss if you drink the shakes, and change no other habits. It's an amazing supplement on its own that way, but you won't be dropping weight. Perfect for people who are happy at their weight, but want to up their nutrition.
This would... Not be me. ;)
Blah blah yeah great nutrition, but show me the weight loss!!!

How convinced am I?
I signed up to be a Beachbody coach.
Skeptical, sarcastic me.
My coach page will get linked soon enough.
Not that this bod will be beach ad ready any time soon. I'm cool with that.