Saturday, September 17

We lived!

Good stuff:
Great campsite 30 ft from the backwaters of the lake:

A great blue heron hung out with us for several days..and a green heron popped in yesterday morning:

Our dogs were quiet and well-behaved:

Last night, all hell broke lose!
We never camp on weekends.  Now I remember why.
FOUR loose dogs wandering around.  Apparently, leash laws only apply
  I think ALL kids should get to go camping..don't get me wrong..but with that comes teaching respect for other campers.
Stop the damned screaming.  Stop running into other campsites.
I would have gotten my head handed to me for screaming for no good reason.
Had I run into someone's campsite (screaming), I would have gotten strapped to the roof rack.

Or fed to the fish!