Tuesday, May 17

When it rains..

well..it just won't stop.
Local weather station says this is the 8th day in a row with rain. I'm wearing Michael's Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man fleece (I look like a moss covered boulder, but I'm warm).
  I live on a hillside.  Somehow, there is ponding water in my yard.  The water is now defying gravity.
Even more strange to me..the squash is blooming, the green beans are leaping out of the soil, the tomato plants are huge and robust and the strawberries are blooming like crazy.
Don't we need SUN and warmth for this!?
I'm trying to carry on with the hope that things will dry up/warm up a bit, but when your fingers ache from cold soil....blah.  It's hard not to think of November!
Getting any decent bird shots has been near impossible.  I'm not standing outside in the monsoon with my camera, and the windows are always speckled with rain (or sheeting with rain).
Not the best yard to lounge in, Dumb Bunny.


The female Baltimore Oriole was hanging out.  Finally, I could get her photo! 
Of course, she popped her head up JUST as I took the photo. I love birds. I love birds. I love..oh you little ingrate, no more nectar for YOU!

The water heater died last night.  I called our handyman, who was supposed to give me an estimate sometime today.  Almost 6pm and no show, no return call!
I can replace it myself (and yeah, it needs replaced), but..I would rather not.  Our to-do list is 53 miles long as is.

The photo alignment went crazy on this post and I'm just not messing with it.
Time to gather up four dog rain coats and take them out for a walk.