Tuesday, March 29

Tuesday blather

Michael works closing shift today, so we're running errands before work.
Post office, Goodwill drop off, grocery store and ..UGH...I have to get blood drawn.
I'm not needle phobic or freaked out by blood (this is a good thing considering how often I hurt myself)...I'm a hard stick, according to everyone who has drawn my blood.
One thing I've learned: Tell them you are a hard stick!  Most often, the lab people are fantastic and will get their Go-To person.
There will always be that newbie who thinks it's a challenge and repeatedly stab me, until I tell them to back away and get someone else.  I'm PAYING them to draw blood, so I get a say in who is spearing me.
(Last blood draw included profanity..mine..because the toddler nurse would not listen.  I had a 3x6 inch bruise the next day!)

My new wheelbarrow came in yesterday..missing hardware! GAH.  I contacted the company via email last night, and will call them later today if they haven't gotten in touch.

Ok..I'm off.