Sunday, March 27

Pizza, Heron..bonus Wood Duck!

Michael and I ran a few errands yesterday.

I love small town/non chain drugstores.  Our drugstore has a massive Yankee Candle section.  Lemon Chiffon is a favorite..scored one on clearance.  I also restocked the Car Jars.  We have dogs in the car a lot.  Groomed and healthy or not, wet dog smells like wet dog.  Praise Car Jars!
  I love that our druggist remembers every illness we've had in the past 4 years..asks about our dogs..asks about my family.  Small town drugstores rock.

Being the Ultimate Husband he is, Michael suggested we order pizza instead of me cooking dinner.
(I prefer to do all the cooking, it's my thing.  He's not keeping the meek woman down).
Anyone who knows us and managed to entertain the idea of Michael keeping me down..and kept a straight face.. gets a cupcake.
He does the dishes.  Since I can dirty every single piece of cookware/utensil/serving dish- just making scrambled eggs- this works in my favor.

We took the long way home through the state park..killing time before picking up dinner.
  Michael should be the one holding the camera..he can spot something 9 miles away in a heavy fog.  Kind of kills me.
I have a history with Great Blue Herons.
 Every Single Time I have my camera, there are none to be found.  If I don't have a camera?  They are everywhere.
I saw a pair of them standing in a Lowe's parking lot once...of course no camera..couldn't believe it.  Jerks!
My best pic to date has been a gray heron-like blob, standing far under a rock overhang in late evening.  Woo.

Now, I am looking through the 300mm lens..Michael Naked Eye says "Hey, what's the dark thing to the left? Is that a duck?"
I nearly fell out of the car with excitement.  I've never seen a Wood Duck here.  I know we have them, but for all our hiking and fishing and scenic drives, I hadn't seen one.  JOY!

This is almost enough for me to graciously accept our current 13 degree wind chill!

Birders- do you keep a life list?