Saturday, March 26

New garden stuff and @#$%^ animals

My intention was to share my bright, happy garden totes (TubTrugs). Since 5 months of the year are gray and miserable, and weeding is miserable..I like some happy freakin' colors.
Instead I got Big Fat Dog Heads -with totes.
"FOOD?! Food bowls? Totes of food!?"

"No food? Well.  Here's some freakin' hair for your new totes."

   Oh and one Big Fat Cat Head.
Bella showed up to see if she needed to bust out some Crippled Cat Whoop Ass.  Don't waste your pity on her.  She's queen and rules with an iron claw...and she's a horrible bitch (said with love).

I also snagged a little cart for the garden..something to leave IN the garden so I'm not constantly losing hand tools and twine and scissors and...
Michael might not file for divorce because I lost yet another pair of $40 garden scissors and/or $25 gloves.

"No one cares about your cheapy ghetto cart. They care about The Henry."