Wednesday, March 30

Must. Have.

I don't think I've mentioned before...I'm a hockey fan.
Pittsburgh Penguins.
If we're in a gameless stretch, I'll watch any hockey.  Well.  Not the Capitals.
Aside from playing with my camera, gardening, cooking, dog training, bird fits in there.  It gives me balance.  Today I stumbled across this gem:


I neeeeed it.  Mr Potato Head AND hockey?!  Pens hockey?!
Yes, it's completely ridiculous.  I'm ok with that.
The God of Dogs need to smile down upon us today.
All 3 boys go in for exams and heartworm tests.
They are well trained, have excellent manners, etc..until we get to the vets office.
Normally outgoing Voo becomes shy and anxious.  Strider (who is my Perfect Dog) turns into a spastic showoff and Henry whines non-stop.  He's part Jack Russell..and oh dear god that terrier pitch.  It's like driving an icepick repeatedly into your head.
Irie went a few weeks ago, thankfully we're not dragging all 4 of them in!
If you're anywhere close to Beaver PA, I can't say enough good things about Beaver Animal Clinic.   Top rate care and a fantastic staff.
We drive nearly 2 hrs roundtrip to see them.  Lots of closer clinics, but none like this.