Saturday, June 5

Camping rant- The amount of stuff

I swore to Michael, "We will toss the tent and sleeping bag into the car, grab the dogs and some basic supplies- that is ALL we need to camp."  I even mocked the camping gear sections of stores and websites.



A few days camping requires more Stuff than being home for 2 years.
I secretly laughed at Michael for requesting we use the air bed.  I had no intention of using it. That isn't camping!  Then I saw our campsite.  Boulders, with some massive tree roots thrown in for lumbar support.
The air bed got added to the pack list.

The giant 7 person tent (for two of us) was my call.  We have an XL dog, one L, one M and one S. I wanted plenty of room for us, even thought we'll camp with 2 dogs at a time (while 2 are left at home, being babied by my dog sitting mom or brother). 
I swore we needed a screen room..this is Insect Heaven, WV.

Then I saw window fans for tents! Hell yeah! A little fresh air circulation is a good thing, right?
But..but ..what about the ceiling fan with light?  How convenient is that?

And what about camp chairs? Need two of those...
Lanterns? OMG I almost forgot lanterns...
French press! They make Lexan french presses just for camping!

 I might leave the dogs and Michael home ..they are taking up valuable packing space.
I think we need a bigger SUV.