Friday, April 9

Cold. Busy. Blah.

Michael and I ran errands before he went to work..
 We were sitting in the car, watching sleet hit the windshield.  Both of us stared, not realizing what it was!
It was 92 just two days ago. 

We have run so many errands the last two days.  I don't know how in hell I allow things to pile up like this.
Most of the errand stuff is done.  Now we've got Project things to get done, ASAP.

Our Flatlander buddies are visiting the gentle hills of WV next week (please note the sarcasm).  Very excited about that!
I organized my kitchen cabinets because we're having guests.   Michael laughed.  Hey, it's just how I roll.

I think I'll post my Project List here.  Once it's out there, I feel compelled to DO something about it.
Right now it's too easy to ignore. 

On another good note, the peach tree my grandmother planted bloomed REALLY well this year.