Monday, March 29

The quest begins..

Every year I search for THE Easter dessert.  I don't know what it is about Easter, but I become frenzied over the dessert part of the menu.
Nothing too dense and heavy, usually no chocolate.

Last year we had lime angel food cake with raspberry sauce.  Light, tangy..and I have to say, I rocked the cake.  It was perfect. 
However, Michael didn't love it.

I know.

His exact words were, "It's ok.".  This changed to "You did an amazing job!" when I whipped around and glared at him (I was also armed with a fork).

So, I'm on another quest for The Dessert, this time Michael Approved.  *snarl*
As far as the rest of Easter dinner- no idea!

Top contender right now:  Lemon Meringue pie.  I hate meringue, but I have some warped need to create "mile high meringue with a perfectly toasted finish". 
Thank the gods it's easy to remove from the lemon custard.

My hesitation over my lemon pie? 
Years ago, I made this pie for Easter dinner at my grandmother's house.  She had a tiny slice before dinner, and another slice after dinner.  Both times she rolled her eyes to the heavens and sighed in Pie Ecstasy.  Praise from my gram..?  Highest Honors. 
How can any future lemon pie compete with that?
Yes.  I carry emotional baggage over food I've cooked. 
Yes, I know it's completely ridiculous.


It's rainy, chilly and beyond gloomy.  I want to bundle up on the couch with books, but instead I'm cleaning my kitchen cabinets today.  Woo.